NEStickle_thumb Here’s the deal, my extremely talented good friend Nicolas Girard was returning to his native France for good. So what does he do with his remaining time here in Canada? Why he decides to build his friend (yours truly) the most awesome joystick ever! And so the NEStickle (not to be mistaken for the NES emulator NESticle) was born!

This thing is a new level of awesome, seriously. It has the best Sanwa buttons and joystick money can buy, is compatible with the X-Box 360, the Playstation 3, the Playstation 2, and any PC running Windows, Linux, or even a MAC OS! If I wanted, I could also get an adapter that would make it compatible with the original X-Box! Seriously, if that’s all it was it would still be amazing, but it’s built into and out of an actual, honest to God, Nintendo Entertainment System! Go ahead, lie and say you’re not jealous, I dare you!

Now Nicolas was kind enough to provide some work-in-progress pics for your viewing enjoyment! And here they are:


The above picture shows the hard work Nicolas had to do to carve the NEStickle out of a block of wood using nothing but his laser vision. This insures that I don’t over-zealously cave the NES in while pressing hard on those buttons when I’m losing badly to a cheap-ass who won’t stop throwing me.


Now we can see the defacement of the NES Nicolas had to force himself to do. He cried himself to sleep for so many a night, but the Masterpiece that resulted from this blasphemous action did justify the means!


Don’t avert your eyes, I posted this image of a bottomless work of art to show the point at which the color-schemes of the buttons and stick were chosen.

stick 1

And here we see the NEStickle’s guts! Mostly, I’m showing this to dissuade anyone from attempting to build their own NEStickle so that mine remains the only one in the universe 😀


And this brings us to a finished NEStickle! Isn’t it beautiful?


Now it also came with an NES controller. Hmm… why would he give me that?


And it plugs right into the controller slot of the NES … interesting …


What a clever ruse! The NES controller is actually meant to conceal the USB cable that would plug into the console/PC! A sheer work of genius!


Ah, gaming bliss.


And it also comes with another cable that allows it compatibility with the PS3 and PS2 (though I haven’t had a chance to test the PS2 compatibility yet). The catch, it has to be plugged into socket # 2 on the NEStickle, showing Nicolas’ console preference 😉


And yes, the PS3 cord also has a LED same as you’d find on a Dualshock or Sixaxis controller. Did I also mention that the POWER and RESET buttons are the START and SELECT/BACK buttons respectively? 😀 Yeah, I know, as if it needs to be even cooler.

So there you have it! Eat your heart out world! Muhuhahahahaha! (Thanks Nick)

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