With the recent rumor that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is just around the corner, I feel it is my solemn duty to share with the world my humble roster request. Since the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 development team apparently said they will be blowing fans out of the water with the sheer number of characters, I’ll assume that means the roster will be somewhere around the 50 character mark since it’s close to MvC2’s 56. Therefore I will limit my request 25 per company.

The hardest part of this exercise is not to make it into an X-Men vs Street Fighter 2 (which is the real game I want) but to shake things up as much as possible with the two companies many other franchises. So yeah, I’ve even had to include characters I don’t care much for variety and fan-service. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Let’s start with Capcom:

Street Fighter Characters

Street Fighter’s Ryu: No brainer. If there is one “fighting game character” in it’s truest, purest, and most recognizable form, Ryu would be it.
Street Fighter 2’s Chun Li: If “No Mai No Buy” would keep King of Fighters fan at bay, I’d hate to see what no Chun Li would do to a Capcom Fighter.
Street Fighter Alpha’s Dan: If I have to pick a Street Fighter Alpha character, Dan would be it.
Street Fighter 3’s Alex: He was so much fun to use in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, they just have to throw him in here.
Street Fighter 4’s … no one: The new characters suck. How about either Guile, Vega, or Sagat instead?

Non-Street Fighter 2d fighting game characters

Darkstalker’s Demitri: Morrigan might get all of the attention, but Demitri’s SVC Chaos incarnation is where it’s at. I’ve never been a fan of how Morrigan plays.
Red Earth’s Leo: A sword-fighting king with the head of a lion.
Cyberbot’s BX-02 Blodia: Because SOMETHING’s gotta go up against the Sentinels.
Star Gladiator’s Saturn Dyer: He’s a green alien who fights with Yo-Yos.
Rival School’s Batsu: He was really fun to use in Tatsunoko vs Capcom and I would LOVE for him to make another appearance.

Other Capcom games

Powerstone’s Edward Falcon: Mostly because Powerstone should not be forgotten. It was a great series that died too early.
Final Fight’s Haggar: He’s loved by fans, and since Zangief didn’t make the cut, he’s the next best thing.
Captain Commando: Capcom’s former mascot has to make it in. He was awesome in MvC.
Megaman X: My favorite Megaman was X. Besides, we’ve already seen the original Megaman and the Megaman Legends incarnation in MvC and Tatsunoko vs Capcom respectively.
Devil May Cry’s Dante: Just to shut up the fans that have been demanding it for ages.
Phoenix Wright: For the same reason as Dante.
Ghost and Goblin’s Arthur: Because he didn’t make the cut in Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but should have. And because I want to see his armor fall off.
Bionic Commando’s Nathan “Rad” Spencer: Long distance grabs and swings, has Spidey met his match?
Okami’s Amaterasu: Would be really interesting to see how a quadruped would play.
Saturday Night Slam Master’s El Stingray: El Fuerte’s got nothing on El Stringray.
Breath of Fire’s Nina, Princess of Winlan: She has a really cute name (I’m a sucker for Nina’s) and has wings!
Demon Crest’s Firebrand: Who doesn’t wanna play as a red demon? He was a great addition to SVC Chaos as well.
Zack and Wiki: Possibly both playable as 1 character similarly to the Snow Bros. from Super Smash.
Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine: If it ain’t broke …
Strider: If it ain’t broke v 2.0 …

And now onto Marvel:

Flashship no-brainer characters:

Spider-Man: He is to this game’s Marvel what Ryu is to Capcom.
Wolverine: He’s the best at what he does.
Hulk: Hopefully, this time around, he look and play much better.
Iron-Man: Uni-beam!
Captain America: Meh, I can’t stand ole Cap, but all heck would break loose if he wasn’t included.


Cyclops: Hard not to have him.
Nightcrawler: The biggest X-Men omission from MvC 2!
Rogue: Oh please, PLEASE let her steal powers in this one like she did in X-Men vs Street Fighter.
Gambit: Everyone’s favorite Cajun demands a rematch.
White Queen/Emma Frost: She would be the best new addition, bar none!


Thor: I don’t care for him much as a character, but his powers would be more than welcome in the game.
Vision: Same as Thor.
Scarlet Witch: Would be interesting to see how her reality altering powers play out.
Quicksilver: Lots of potential for fun combo moves!
Black Panther: The only Avenger I really like.

Other Heroes

Deadpool: More of an anti-hero, but that’s good enough for me.
Dare devil: It’s about time he saw some action!
Human Torch: The Fantastic Four need SOME kind of representation.
Cable: Just to get that Viper Beam back! Awww yeah!
Ghost Rider: Long overdue as well…


Magneto: The best Marvel villain, bar none.
Juggernaut: You can’t stop him from being on this list.
Dr. Doom: Victor Von Gonna make a comeback!
Venom: And not the horrible Spider-Man 3 version thank you very much.
Green Goblin: Complete with glider and pumpkin bombs!
Sabretooth: Without birdie this time please.
Mystique: With the power to morph into a random other character would be interesting!
Doctor Octopus: With quasi-Dhalsim gameplay would be tons of fun!
Sentinel: This time Sentinels can be as big as they are in the comics! Gold Lightan big!
Lady Deathstrike: Mostly to see a special intro vs Wolverine.

There you have it folks. I’m sure I missed hundreds of your favorites in there, but who am I kidding, even if the roster was expanded to 500 characters it still wouldn’t be enough!

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